Mediks - Original Selecta (Bristol City Hack Music Video)

Project Type: Video Shoot

City Hack: Music Video

City Hack was an inter-city competition from the global YouTube music channel UKF and Desperados beer. In a style reminiscent of 'The Apprentice', teams from Bristol, London and Manchester were faced with a series of challenges, hoping to take the crown for their cities.

Thomas was proud to take part as the Visual Artist on the Bristol team and this was the result of the first challenge: co-directing a music video for a supplied track. The video was a showcase of the creativity within the sometimes unassuming people of our great city. Cleaners becoming contemporary ballet dancers, road sweepers with street-artist alter egos and more...

Airdrawn supplied lasers for one of the video's scenes, which Thomas programmed.

Service(s) Provided:

  • Lasers
  • Technical Direction


City Hack